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Montpelier, The General Henry Knox Museum

General Henry Knox Museum Facts

The original mansion of Montpelier having been razed in 1871, the location accommodated a train station for some time before local interest in establishing some sort of monument to the late estate peaked.

The 1920s saw the formation of the Knox Memorial Association and the beginning of a national fund-raising campaign. By 1929 enough money had been accumulated that the construction of a replica mansion could be undertaken.

This new house was built near the location of the original, though not right on the spot. The Knox Memorial Association maintain ownership of the new Montpelier until 1965, when the Maine State Bureau of of Parks and Lands took over.

Local interest and passion remained, however, leading to the creation of the Friends of Montpelier. It wasn't until 1999, however, that the local group finally negotiated ownership of the monument from the State of Maine. The Friends still maintain the facility today.

The museum is located in the reconstructed Montpelier house, and contains many of the original furnishing from the original mansion. Those items that are not from the first Montpelier are still authentic to the time period.

The purpose of the museum's collections is to create a "space that invites visitors to learn about the life and times" of Henry Knox, Montpelier's original owner.

The original Montpelier mansion dates back to 1795, when Henry Knox moved to Maine with his family. The Knox family continued to occupy the mansion until 1854, though they did so with less and less funds with which to keep up the house. After 1854 the house became essentially abandoned and it was razed in 1871 to make way for a train yard.

A replica of the mansion was built in 1929 to the architectural specifications of the original. This project was made possible since most of the original building plans had survived. It is in this recreated Montpelier that the Henry Knox Museum now resides.

May 28th-Columbus Day:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.